After working with the company Aerosoft on several scenery and aircraft projects for Microsoft Flightsim FS2004 and FS-X,

it was time  for me to support another project. This time, the OV10 Bronco in its A & B version.

After several emails and phonecalls, we met the first Aerosoft team for sound recordings at Nordholz open day

and also used their sound recording equipment on two flight in Lübeck.


Some days later, 3D artist Stefan joined us to prepare a photoreport on every detail of the aircraft, resulting in hundreds of pictures.


GWOBA also supported the project with technical drawings, flight manual, checklists, pictures, etc.


Even if the project is still at an early stage, the screenshots are already impressive.






More detailpictures were needed to create an as perfect aircraft as possible. But as 99+32 was away for airshows in the UK,

Peter Junior, owner of Flugausstellung Hermeskeil, once again stepped in to help out!

He kindly opened up his Bronco 99+16 and allowed us to make as many pictures and measurements as necessary.




After several month of hard work and great cooperation between Aerosoft and GWOBA / BDT it was time for Beta testing.

Beta tester were Thomas Viertbauer & Markus Rheinländer (both Bronco Crew chiefs of Bronco Demo Team).

Tony was in regular contact with John, Aerosofts flightdynamis guru to fine tune the handling characteristics.

With our flightmanual, checklists, special prepared airborne videos and first hand info from our real Bronco pilot, Aerosoft got

all possible support! Resulting in a unique Flightsim aircraft, that will, for sure set new standards.







Since 22.12.2011, a "Downloadversion" of our 99+32 as available from the Aerosoft shop!



After christmas, work will continue to create a complete OV10B target tug version, a Vietnam era OV10A

and a civilian CALL FIRE version from the department of forestry.

All of this should be available in the first quarter of 2012 as a download version and hopefully also as a boxed version!


More infos about the final version will follow as soon as available.


Congratulations go to:

- Stefan Hoffmann

- Finn Jacobsen

- John Cagle

- Mathijs Kok

- William Lennox

- Frank Wiesmann

on the Aerosoft site and :

- Tony DeBruyn

- Thomas Viertbauer

- Tom Houquet

- Michael Vaeremans

- Peter Junior

- Heinz-Dieter Rheinländer

- Ela Gedl

on the real Bronco site.

You guys did an outstanding job and it was a pleasure to work with you on this project !


Markus Rheinländer