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German Wing

         mpeg-1 flyby-movie, just point on the picture

On June 18, 2000, the OV-10 Bronco Association was proud to announce the formation of the

German Wing of the OV-10 Bronco Association (GWOBA). The wing is chaired by Tony DeBruyn

of Eureka Aviation (Belgium). Tony and his Wing have two former German Air Force OV-10B.

The OBA began the relationship with Tony and his wing as a parts location information center, and as the

relationship matured it made sense to form the GWOBA. The synergy that the first international OBA wing

brings in achieving the OBA's Mission Statement goals is substantial.

Indeed, the German Wing bought two former ABDR  Broncos from the Technische Schule der Luftwaffe 3 (TSLw3)

Fassberg (Germany). At this time as well as some time later, only a few people belived, that it was possible to bring

these planes back to airworthy conditions. There was alot of damage from ABDR (Aircraft Battle Damage Repair)

work and many things were stolen. But with the enthusiasm of Tony DeBruyn, Danny Nuydens, Markus Rheinländer

and the help of 3 employees from Lübeck dreams are able to become reallity.


We sincerely hope that you will consider becoming involved. Although the majority (but not all) of our members worked

in or around OV-10s at some point, you need not have any "official" association with Broncos at all.

The only requirement for membership is being interested!!! There is a lot to do and the most important thing by

far is a willingness to help out, whether by simply joining, taking charge of some project, or anything in between. First

and foremost we like to keep it fun!




99+26 & 99+32 awaiting pick up by their new care taker GWOBA




Both aircraft on the apron at ETHS awaiting fuel tests


 and preparation for their first public outing



This took place on July 1, 2000


during the open day of TSLw3



After some negotiation with Wing Commander

Tony deBruyn


 Markus Rheinländer, joins the group as Press & Communications Officer


With the help of Aero club Fassberg, both aircraft were towed to their new home. later that day




Save "home", infront of one af the LSC Faßberg hangars



As the sun sets, a new chapter in the life of

99+26 & 99+32 was opened













OBA German Wing Update for July 23, 2000


Date: Thursday, July 20, 2000


We are proud to announce that both engines of our Bronco 99+26 have successfully been run for the

first time in almost nine (9) years!

A small team, comprised of Tony DeBruyn and Danny Nuydens , set out yesterday morning in order to

prepare the aircraft and solve some minor electrical problem before the aircraft was declared ready.

The first start was then made by Holger Pehmöller (ex RFB employee, who used to work on the aircraft

engines when still in active service), who had arrived after work later in the afternoon. Initially no RPM indication

showed on No.1 engine and the start was aborted. With No.2 engine all indications were fine and it lit off at the

first attempt, soon stabilizing at ground idle. This all happened at around 17:30 local time under the approving

supervision of the GWOBA Press and Communications Officer Markus Rheinländer, who had joined us also

for the memorable occasion. Some troubleshooting found that the tacho drive on No.1 engine

was sheared and it was soon decided to swap a tacho generator from 99+32 in order to attempt a run on

No.1 engine. This engine was started without any further hitches at around 21:45 local time. Happy and satisfied

we decided to call it day after carefully closing up the aircraft.


Thanks to all for the loyalty and extra-ordinary efforts which made this achievement possible!

Please join us in celebrating this major milestone in our project to bring the two Broncos back into the air.











This was followed by further engine tests and the first taxiing under her own power, since many years.














OBA German Wing Update for September


Dear OV-10 fans,

We are proud to inform you of some further achievements of our team. During the Fassberg Aeroclub

Open-day on Sunday 3 September, we have been able to demonstrate both our Bronco's with good

success - the aircraft is a crowd puller! With OV-10B tail number 99+32 participating in the static display

and 99+26 performing some flawless taxi runs on the grass next to the runway, as well as high speed taxi

demonstrations on Fassberg's 2800 meter hard runway. During the initial high speed taxi runs

(up to 50 knots) all systems performed well and directional control proved excellent. On subsequent runs

speed was gradually increased to 70 knots at which speed the nosewheel was lifted to see air under itself

for the first time since 1991. Another major achievement!






OBA German Wing Update for January 21, 2001

On January 21,2001 the German Wing has started a new relationship. As part of a cooperation to preserve

vintage aircrafts for the future and to tell the publicity the story of aviation we joined the German Historic Flight,

as well as they joined us. We will keep the history alive.


OBA German Wing Update for June 03, 2001

On June 03,2001 the German Wing took part on the 50th anniversary of Flying Club Fassberg. Bad weather

did not stop hundreds of visitors to join us. GWOBA had both Broncos in static display to make the aircrafts

and the project more public. Like the last year, both OV10B's were again real crowd puller.



PCO Markus Rheinländer explaining the aircraft and the work of GWOBA to the public




From 11.06.01 on, we have worked hard to get more and more problems solved. Spareparts arrived

slow but arrived and it was always nice to see the people crowded together when they have heard the

startup of 99+26's Garrett engines.

mpeg1 movie of 99+26 engine start up at Fassberg



 Short mpeg1 movie of 99+26 highspeed-taxing on the hard runway at Fassberg up to 100knots (24.06.01) 

But it took the time until August 2001 to make pictures of a complete instrument panel, as well as a

complete 99+26, now under her new name G-BZGL.








OBA German Wing Update for September 12, 2001

By the beginning of September we got the permission for a ferryflight of  G-BZGL to Duxford (UK), were ARCo

(Aircraft Restauration Company) will do the final restoration.


On 12.09.01 G-BZGL took off to her second "maiden-flight" and left Fassberg in the afternoon with Tony DeBruyn on

the controls. On that day we have reached one of the biggest milestones on our project.



Tony preparing himself for the maiden-flight



After the successful maiden-flight, some further checks were carried out.

A last farewell picture with "Golf Limas" sistership 99+32.




A dream came true,

many thought to be impossible


 G-BZGL leaving Fassberg


video from the take off


Please find enclosed the report from Tony DeBruyn adressed to the OBA:


"First of all I would like to express our deepest sympathies with the
people of the USA, after the un-imaginable events of the past week. Our
thoughts are with the families and friends of all those affected by this

Danny and myself heard the tragic news first in a short special news
bulletin on the German networks as we were driving towards Fassberg in
order to prepare our first OV-10B for it's first flight. Our disbelief
and disgust grew as updates on the radio networks followed each other at
ever increasing pace, the proportions of the catastrophy becoming bigger
every time.
We would like you to know that we stand at your side in the fight
against this attack on humanity. In particular it makes us even more
proud to be part of the OBA!

As a sparkle of light in these dark days and as a sign of hope I am
pleased to announce that we have succeeded in our (GWOBA) mission and
have flown our first OV-10B, G-BZGL (ex 99+26) on Wednesday 12 September
2001 at exactly 12:00 LT from Fassberg Air Base. This first flight was a
local flight test during which I took the aircraft up to 10.000 ft for
some general handling. The duration of the flight was 41 minutes and no
faults whatsoever showed up. The plane flew absolutely flawlessly,
although within a limited flight envelope due to the fact that the
undercarriage remained locked down. At the end of the flight two
touch-and-go landings were executed.
As the weather conditions proved to be good we decided to prepare the
aircraft to leave on the first leg of the ferry to Duxford that
afternoon. Taking off at 15:15, the aircraft bid farewell to Fassberg
Air Base, it's home for the last ten years. After an uneventful flight
we landed 01:31 mins later at Kleine Brogel Air Base in Belgium for
refueling. At that time the UK had imposed a ban on all private flying
in it's airspace following the tragic events in the USA the previous
day, the refueling stop thus becoming a night stop. The next morning the
trailing edge of a frontal system was still passing over Belgium,
delaying departure until 14:03 local in the afternoon. The next stop
being in the U.K. at Manston, a coastal airfield just over the Channel,
for customs import clearance. Total flying time against a strong
headwind was 01:15. Once the customs formalities were successfully
completed the ferry flight continued on to Duxford airfield, landing at
16:33 LT after a short flight of 33 min duration. Total flying
accumulated on the ferry is 3 hours 19 min. in three legs for a distance
covered of 447 nm. This Bronco behaved absolutely brilliantly throughout
the whole undertaking, no doubt paying a tribute to the designers and
builders at North American Aviation (later Rockwell/Boeing) and the
engine manufacturer Garrett (Honeywell/Allied Signal). This aircraft is
a great piece of kit, it has definitely got the looks and flies like a
marvel - as I am now proud to testify.

I would like to thank all involved in our small core team: Danny
Nuydens, Jan Possemiers, Markus Rheinländer and John Romain and Nev
Gradiner (of the Propshop Ltd). Our thanks go also to our hosts at
Fassberg: Luft-Sport-Club Fassberg, especially to Klaus Prägler, the
aeroclub's President for the continued support. Furthermore our thanks
and appreciation go to all the other individuals and organisations who
have provided their help, input and expertise throughout this project.
Without your help all this great achievment would not have been

The second Bronco (99+32 - G-BZGK) is now almost ready to fly too; the
engines have been run succesfully for a considerable time and high speed
taxi tests have been completed. The first flight for G-BZGK is planned
to take place before the end of this month.

Tony De Bruyn
Wing Commander GWOBA"



99+32 mid of September 2001 with her new Reg. G-BZGK





OBA German Wing Update for October 06, 2001


I am pleased to announce that our second Bronco 99+32, now registered
G-BZGK, has flown for the first time since over 10 years on Saturday,
October 6th from Fassberg. Taking off at 15:15 for a testflight lasting
22 minutes and taking the aircraft up to 10.000 feet. After the flight a
hangar party was organized by GWOBA in order to celebrate the succesful
conclusion of the first phase of our mission and to say thank you to
everybody involved. Two more flight tests were concluded on Sunday
morning. The aircraft is now ready for the ferry to Duxford, which is
planned later this week. We now have two flying Broncos!



On final runway 27













left to right: Danny, Jan, Markus, Edith, Tony



The real Bronco's


Next GWOBA Update from Duxfrord!!!

Finally I like to say "Thank you" to all those people who help to make all this possible. Acting for all:

Thank you for all your help and keep on the good work!


Markus Rheinländer
Press/Communications Officer-OV10Bronco-Association-GermanWing