"The return of the Bronco"

What was a "never to happen again" came true.


20 years after the last Bronco left it's home base Lübeck for the last and final time,

one of those OV10B returned home on 21.06.2010.



Holger Pehmöller & Dieter Puls from RFB were an important help to start a restoration

to flight of our OV10B 99+32 & 99+26,at Fassberg airbase, ten years ago.



So, we made the plan to bring 99+32 back to it's former home base, for at least four good reasons.


1.) To say "Thank you" for the important support of our project.


2.) To create a reunion of as many former RFB employees as possible with their old bird.


3.) To exchange information with those who worked with the aircraft for so many years.


4.) To collect as many information, pictures and stories of their active service as possible,

 with the final goal to write a book about the german OV10B.

Covering stories from her active service, todays status, restoration to flight,..

Without the knowledge of all those RFB guys, an impossible job.




In the beginning we were not sure, if such a meeting would be welcomed. RFB does not exist in its former role anymore.

Some time ago, we met Thomas Viertbauer from Lübeck airport. He is as much in love with the Bronco as we are

and already collecting everything about target towing operation from RFB as possible. From the very beginning of

this contact it became clear, that such a return to Lübeck would be a great story. Thomas tried to find out as many contacts

of former RFB employees as possible.


What started slow at the beginning, became a self runner at the end.


As we booked our hotels it seemed that to get 10 to 15 employees together, would be a great success.

In the end, we were 40+. Some only enlisting to the meeting after hearing from the event,

while saying "hello" to her old Bronco at the airport.


The organisation from Thomas was perfect. He invited the guests and organised dinner and drinks in the clubs home.

So, we only had to fly-in the aircraft after Nordholz Airday for a one week vacation,before the reunion.

During the week, we already met RFB folks and listened to great stories and got very helpful information how they

operated the aircraft for 20 years.


Also, some guys from Aerosoft joined us for sound recordings and documentation, related to their OV10 Bronco

 flightsim for FSX. A project, that will be very much supported by GWOBA.


Another special visit came from Neustadt. A family, my parents met during their vacation in crete.

By chance my parents found out, that they had an original Bronco target, we were searching for so long to show target towing

demonstration during airshows. Luckily we got the target as donation.


Step by step, the puzzle is coming together.


It was very impressive to see the RFB guys meeting not only their former workhorse for the first time in 20 years, but also

their colleagues after a very long time. The gathering was very emotional and so we decided to give another bonus.

They should not only be able to see their old Bronco in static display, but to see her flying again.

To comply with the strict restrictions at Lübecks airport, it was not a full show but a compromise between

nice flying and avoiding noise were ever possible during save operation of the aircraft.

After the short flying, we moved to the clubs home for dinner and alot more talks.


Gratitude that we showed the Bronco and to bring those RFB employees together again was very much evident.

To see those lucky and satisfied people made all the work to restore the Bronco and to organise this meeting very worth.

We were very lucky as well and after being home very late that night, we call it a day!


We not only met interesting people but made alot of new friends as well!


Thanks alot for all involved and all who joined.



Reunion with Bronco and Bronco-Target


Some more impressions. More texts will follow later.


Back home after 20 years



Back in her old hangar


Thomas, you made this happen!


Collecting details for the flightsim project


All around the aircraft


Resulting in 900 detail pictures


Touching her again ;-)


Udo Stamer reunited with his old Bronco



Spotter at work





Udo's first inspection after 20 years



Checking oil,


like yesterday

Happy Udo




Happy to work on her again


and teaching us


Chief cleaner...


...and his trainee


 GPU to be disconnected







Dieter Puls and the Pitot Cover... like 20 years ago!




Original Bronco winch


Dinner at Lübeck's aeroclub



Sharing old memories


Also old movies...


...bringing back good memories


Self made music


Original GPU


Bronco, Chipmunk & Ryanair B737


Friends for one week, like 20 years ago


Last sunset


New friends




Special visit of Fassberg's aeroclubs 2. chief


Reunion after 9 years


A different view


Thanks to the de-icing truck


Final checks to fly back home


GPU to be disconnected


Thanks to the ground crew for their support


 A last view and the Bronco is gone, again


Thanks alot for all the support and new friends that made our stay even more special.

Let's stay in contact and meet again